Today's International Professional Standard for Exhibition Organizers and Venue Managers

Exhibitions are competitive, global events. Only exhibition of the highest quality will successfully attract international exhibitors and visitors. UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, working with the University of Cooperative Education in Ravensburg, Germany, has created the "Exhibition Management Degree (EMD)" to train exhibition industry professionals to meet tomorrow's event management demands.

In today's global exhibition business, top managers stand out through strategic thinking and well-developed professional expertise. Exhibition professionals who complete the "Exhibition Management Degree (EMD)" meet the requirements to gainfully operate exhibitions.

Scheduled :

Asia/Pacific Session - Macao, China  :
- Modules 2-3 (E-Learning) will be held , from  April to July 2008.
- Module 4 (on-site) will be held , on 4-9 August 2008.

Asia/Pacific Session - Bangkok, Thailand :
- Modules 2-3 (E-Learning) will be held , from June to September 2008
- Module 4 (on-site) will be held , on 27 October - 01 November 2008

European Session - St. Petersburg, Russian Federation :
- Modules 2-3 (E-Learning) will be held , from July to October 2008
- Module 4 (on-site) will be held , on 24-29 November 2008

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