When selecting furniture for your stand, use just enough to create a welcoming atmosphere. Place tables for literature and other materials on the sides of your stand space and not at the front so you don’t create a barrier between the display and the aisle. Use chairs for visitors only; if your stand staff start getting too comfortable, they’ll have a tough time getting up to speak to prospects.

Flowers and plants are a fun and interesting way to liven up a dull or drab display. Buying your own plants will help save you money. Plants are useful to accentuate graphics, hide electrical wiring, and add a touch of natural life to the environment. Consider using silk plants as they’re more durable, and you’ll be able to re-use them at other shows.


There are two groups of shows you should be evaluating – the shows you are presently attending and the shows you want to consider for future participation. Before choosing a show to attend, you need to address the following questions:

1. Which shows best fit your needs? They should be within your budget, in a serviceable location, occur at a convenient time and, most importantly, attract your target audience.

2. If your company services a specific area of the country, you should attend shows that draw only from that region. If you want to expand your market into new areas, you need to investigate shows that attract prospects from those areas.

3. How successful has the show been in the past?

4. How is the show promoted?

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Your company could be represented at many kinds of shows, including international, national, regional and local exhibitions. Let’s look at each one of these to identify their differences.
International shows are often major events, which attract exhibitors and attendees from all corners of the globe. These shows offer a forum for launching new products and discussing industry issues.
National shows are primarily targeted to buyers and sellers in a specialised industry and are promoted to attract visitors nationwide.

Regional shows are organised in a particular area of the country. Many of these events are open to the public.
Local shows draw attendees from the immediate vicinity and are often open to the trade and the general public. They include consumer shows such as home shows, hobby shows or boating shows, which specifically attract many local attendees.
Article by :www.nimlok.co.uk 
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