If you are organising an exhibition, event or even exhibiting your own stands display at an event, you will want to ensure that people are aware of your presence, ahead of time. Making your presence known at an exhibition ahead of time can help to drive interest and visitor numbers. So what can you do? One idea is to submit an electronic press release online to one of the many websites who now specialise in electronic press releases. Before submitting the press release though, you need to know how to write one. Below are 8 tips to help you write the online press release to promote your exhibition or exhibition stand.

1. Ensure that you give clear information about the exhibition in the first paragraph. This can be expanded upon in later paragraphs in the article. This first paragraph though is crucial and will also enable you to make clear who the target audience are, i.e. the people you are looking to attract to your exhibition.

2. Make sure you give clear information about where and when the exhibition is and also if possible, details on how to get to the venue. If the press releases is about one exhibition stand only then be sure to give details on how to find your stand in the exhibition, i.e. stand number and aisle number.

3. Using a bulleted list can be a very good way to break points down and to make information clear.

4. Ensure that you use your keywords in the title of the press releases so that it attracts the right people.

5. Do not try and over-complicate the press release with over-complicated words, unless needed. Keep the electronic press release simple.

6. Ensure that you add one or two links to your website, in the press release. Most electronic press release sites allow you to add in a few links. The link/s will benefit your site in terms of search engine optimisation, in addition to giving you the chance to offer the reader some more genuinely useful information about your exhibition or exhibition stand.

7. Do not write your press release the same way you would a normal article. A press release should offer definite news i.e. a definite piece of information.

8. Do not make the press release too long. Press releases can be quite short, i.e. they do not need to more than 400 words unless you have specific things you need to say.


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