Before you book the space and pay the deposit, ask yourself some straightforward questions:

• Why am I exhibiting at this show?
• What products/services will I be showing?
• What do I want to accomplish here?
• What will I be doing to achieve the results?
• What image do I want to project?
• How does this specific exhibition fit into my broader sales and marketing plans?

Your answers to these questions form the specific objectives you need to set to be a successful exhibitor. And remember, the objectives you set should be measurable and obtainable. If you set a specific number of leads to generate or units to sell, you will find it much easier to judge your success at the end of the show. Setting challenging goals for performance is important, but don't be unrealistic - you want to succeed!

Companies choose to exhibit for the following reasons:

• Build Sales
• Customer relationships
• Market research
• Media relations/PR
• Brand building
• Channel building and support


  1. Chin Chun Ming // December 30, 2008 at 6:08 AM  

    In your experience, what do you think is the most effective marketing strategy in a trade show environment? In particular, Lets say you are trying to raise product awareness, sell your services etc, an important part of being in a trade show is getting people to your stand and keeping them. What do you think works the best? Having a tradeshow models? Having a professional pitchman? Giving out freebies? I am interested to find out more because I realized it is so hard to keep a prospect's attention in a tradeshow environment. Feel free to leave your comment at my blog

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