Last week, I has read about location. And then much space do you need?

Knowing where best to position your company and having selected shell scheme or space only puts you half way to selecting your stand space. Next, you need to decide how much space you require.

Consider two factors:
• Your exhibiting objectives
• Your budget

These two elements determine how much space you need.

Some companies like to make a statement about their size to the market and book space accordingly. Others simply take enough space to allow their products to be displayed. If you intend to demonstrate a large piece of equipment, you need to plan for its footprint as well as space for the presenter and visitors.

Space is sold in metres and is priced per square metre. Space size can be as little as 1 x 3m. As a general rule you should allow 4.5 square metres per person. Add to this the exhibition stand, equipment to be shown and some extra space for visitors and you should have a pretty good idea of the space you require.

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